White Crested Canary


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Scientific Name: Serinus canaria domesticus

The Crested Canary is one of the oldest “type” canaries bred for its striking tufted peak of head feathers, instead of a special melody. If you appreciate reproducing canaries, this white-crested canary may be an ideal pet for you. It is shipping and delivery are simple, safe, and delivers right to your neighborhood post office.

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    Today, the crested canaries are available in a huge number of tones and are promptly accessible and acknowledged. However, they have two features the one is their pleasant looks, and the second is their great personality. They can live between 8-12 years easily. The environment of white-crested canary should not be kept wet, cool, or drafty. If they are offered space to sunbathe, they should have a shaded area to shield from an excessive amount of sun.


    Around 1800, English breeders developed this marvelous winged creature “white-crested canary” that end up being a reliable reproducer. It is effectively developed into its own “type.”

    Behavior: They are on the tentative side and ought not to be housed along with parakeets, lovebirds, or different parrots. Thus, that will, in general, be more aggressive. They like to bathe every day and should be offered water to do so. Give them a cage that is 24 “wide by 18” deep by 24”. These winged birds can’t exercise by climbing. They need to fly, and the cage should have enough space. They also appreciate perches and toys for entertainment and fun.

    Song/ Call: They sing very loudly and quite well. However, male birds should be kept individually to ensure the highest quality and frequency of singing.


    The Crested Canary have been kept in imprisonment for hundreds of years, and they thrive on a relatively easy-to-provide seed-based diet. However, the primary foundation is a good quality Canary Seed, formulated especially for pet canaries. Moreover, they also like to eat fruit, leafy greens, dried egg mix, supplements of cuttlefish bone, and occasional millet sprays, and you can feed the Australian Blend Golden feast for a well-balanced diet.


    To reproduce strong babies, if one parent is a Crested Canary, the other parent should always be a smooth-headed Crest-bred Canary. Therefore, the Crest-bred Canaries won’t have the crest, but when they are paired with a crested mate, they will be able to produce healthy babies.



    5.5 inches in length

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