White Bellied Caique


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Scientific name:

Pionites leucogaster

White Bellied Caiques (Pionites leucogaster) are not just the absolute most beautiful birds in the parrot family. They are insightful and fast to learn stunts and things. They are affectionate, curious, and love to flaunt.

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    A distinctive quality of the Caique is a dazzling looking white bosom and paunch. The green-thighed parrot comes under the subspecies of the White Bellied Caique, having a place with the Psittacidae family. However, the species Pionites leucogaster contains three subspecies, including the nominate race, yet late morphological work proposes the species should be divided into three.

    Conservation status:

    Endangered as its population is decreasing according to the “Encyclopedia of Life”


    The Caique’s primary diet is seeds, fruits, and green vegetables. However, a commercially prepared parrot mix or pelleted diet can also be beneficial. Moreover, they love to eat millet, sunflower, and other seeds with all the essential nutrients. You can also offer your bird some fresh fruits and green veggies as well. 

    Speech and Sounds

    Just like most other caiques, these birds are not the best talkers. They usually rely on their natural calls to express themselves nicely. Regardless if they are happy, frightened, or merely looking for attention, these little parrots will give out their abrasive, high-pitched tweets and whistles. 

    Personality & Behavior

    The personality of the White Bellied Caique is impacted by their significant levels of energy. They love to move about, investigate, play, and learn new tricks. Moreover, keep in mind that if they have no toys, they won’t hesitate to find their own somewhere in the house.


    5.5 oz (Adult) Encyclopedia of Life


    9 Inches

    Life Span:

    40 years

    Breeding Season:


    Higher classification:



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