Swainsons Lories


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Scientific Name:

Trichoglossus moluccanus moluccanus

The Swainson’s Lorikeet or Swainson’s Lorie is the most notable subspecies of Rainbow Lorikeet. They are generally alluded to as Rainbow Lorikeets and are otherwise called Blue Mountain Lorikeets. 

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    These brilliant parrots live in Australia, from the Cape York Peninsula down the east coast and Tasmania. There is a disconnected populace in Perth, Western Australia, that are viewed as pests. 

    Their conservation status is secure. 


    Swainson’s Lorikeets should likewise be feed fruit and vegetables. They are really good at eating nectar as their fundamental food source. They likewise require more fruit contrasted with different parrots. In bondage, a lorikeet’s base diet routine should be either wet or dry nectar blend (or both). Lorikeet food can either be purchased commercially, or there are various recipes for making it yourself, generally made out of baby cereal, rice flour, breadcrumbs, glucose powder, skim milk powder, semolina (wheat hearts), pollen combination, etc. Lorikeets pellets are likewise accessible but are not accepted by the birds.


    While wild Rainbow Lorikeets tend to be more horizontal or 45 degrees tree hollows, captive lorikeets are known to acknowledge nest boxes of different designs. However, the nest box does well if situated high in the aviary. 

    Housing breeding lorikeets are best as a solitary pair for every aviary since they can turn out to be very factious during the breeding season. 

    The female lays two eggs. Incubation lasts for around 24 days, with the chicks fledging at 55-60 days old.

    Life expectancy:

    Its life expectancy is around 20-30 years.

    Breeding Season:



    25 – 30 cm


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