Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao)


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Scientific Name:

Ara Macao

The scarlet macaw (Ara Macao) is a huge red, yellow, and blue South American parrot, an individual of a large group of Neotropical parrots called macaws. However, it is native to the sticky evergreen woods of tropical South America.

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     It is around 81 centimeters (32 in) long, of which the greater part is the pointed, graduated tail typical of all macaws. Therefore, the scarlet macaw has a bigger percentage of tail than the other enormous macaws. The normal weight is around 1 kilogram (2.2 lb). 


    Scarlet macaws convey fundamentally through rambunctious sounds; be that as it may, vocal correspondence is highly variable, and captive macaws are known to be adept mimics of human speech. Macaws are adaptable and simple to live with. They do well in a home with human adults, youngsters, and polite pets. They generally engage themselves well; in any case, they excitedly participate in human exercises when welcomed—however, many of them like huge toys with wooden chew blocks and solid cord.


    While similarly, they are easygoing at most seasons, scarlet macaws might be considered aggressive during times of reproducing. The scarlet macaws are monogamous birds, with individuals staying with one partner in their entire lives. The hen lays a few white eggs in a tree cavity. The female broods the eggs for around five weeks and the chicks fledge from the nest around 90 days after hatching and leave their parents about a year later. Adolescents arrive at sexual development at five years old. 

    Breeding Season:

    Spring Season


    81 centimetres (32 in) long

    Life Span:

    50 Years


    Nuts, leaves, fruits, berries, and seeds.


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