Red Lory


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Scientific Name:

Eos bornea

The red lory is the most normally kept lory in captivity. This bird has a fun-loving character, and its wonderful appearance makes the red lory a top pick among fanciers.

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    The red lory makes a great pet for an individual who is happy to set aside some effort to manage the exceptional necessities exclusive to this family.


    Native Region:

    The red lories are originally from Indonesia. Moreover, you can still discover these in Indonesia. These birds are kept as frequent pets.

    Care & Feeding

    Lories like to have liquid diet eating, and they have mainly liquid poop. They likewise need a serious huge cage, and they love to have a free area within the cage. So, you have to make a good amount of investment in the cage.


    Personality & Behavior

    Red lories are exceptionally keen and dynamic feathered creatures. They love toys, and you should have a variety of toys with you to offer them. Changing toys is a requirement for these dynamic birds, yet the up-side is that they are somewhat less dangerous to their toys than most hookbills are. Red lories make incredible pets, yet they can be nippy now and again. They are temperamental flying creatures, continually searching for the next experience and adventure.


    Speech & Sound

    Lories are very chatty birds as they love to talk. However, they make noise and whipping sound of their toys about the cage. You will realize that you have a lory in the house! Red Lories have been known to be incredible talkers, yet they’re bound to produce piercing cackles and deafening cries. However, their engaging tricks compensate for their not exactly lovely voices.

    Life Span:

    30 Years


    31 cm


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