Double Yellow Headed Amazon


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Scientific Name: 

Amazona oratrix

Beautiful Double Yellow Headed Amazon is available to be purchased and is hand-fed! If you are searching for a lovely, dynamic and talented pet bird, this could be the one for you! 

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    The Double Yellow-headed Amazon is called the yellow-headed parrot or double yellow-headed amazon and is among the most well-known companion Amazons, likely because of its striking shading and its ability to accumulate a significant vocabulary. These birds are particularly talented in learning shows and different kinds of singing, making them charming and lovely partners. 


    The double-yellow-headed Amazon is a very energetic bird that likes to climb around its given territory and will love to fly whenever offered enough space. However, its cage materials should be solid; powder-covered steel or stainless steel makes a great choice for them.

    Toys are basic for this bird, and the most significant toys are those that can be chewed and destroyed. Double-Yellow-headed Amazon Parrots need consistent incitement and won’t blossom with isolation. This Amazon talks well and rushes to perform tricks that will please its owners.


    This is a disorderly bird and will, in general, be uproarious, with shouting sessions two times per day, at dawn and dusk. Double yellow-headed Amazon parrots are fit for singing tunes, particularly drama and opera, completely just as numerous words and phrases. Moreover, this bird can learn a vast vocabulary with the help of a knowledgeable trainer.


    This Amazon bird has a good craving and will eat everything in its cup. This bird loves to eat a variety of foods present in its dish. All food such as treats and table nourishments should be fed into consideration because double yellow-head don’t say “No,” to food. A double yellow-headed Amazon should be fed a healthy diet full of pelleted diet and as well as vegetables and fruits.



    14 to 16 Inches

    Life Span:

    60 Years

    Breeding Season:

    Early Spring (From April to Early May)


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