Blue Headed Pionus


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Scientific Name:

Pionus menstruus

The Blue Headed Pionus has a striking blue head and an emerald green body. However, this pet Pionus is available to be purchased and is considered the most visually appealing of all Pionus parrots regularly kept as partner pets.

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    Therefore, if you are searching for an appealing and calmer parrot, then this pet Pionus is a decent decision. An appropriately treated blue-headed Pionus can live for over 30 years. Hence, shipping your new blue-headed pionus is simple and safe from our hands.


    Blue-headed Pionus are native birds to South America and Central America. Moreover, they can be found in forests, backwoods, and semi-open country and their range incorporate Costa Rica, Venezuela, Trinidad, Bolivia, and Brazil.


    Blue-headed Pionus have a great reputation as being laid-back. It is a calm parrot that can be regional around its cage. A blue-headed Pionus probably won’t be as cuddly as other parrots. However, this bird is really warm-hearted and loving, particularly if it has been raised with great respect and care. A terrified blue-headed Pionus parrot may make a perceptible wheezing sound, which an owner can mistakenly consider as a medical issue.


    Pionus aren’t considered the best talkers; however, some can produce amazing vocabularies. Since the Pionus is calmer and quiet in contrast to numerous other parrot species, it tends to be an ideal bird pet for individuals who have close neighbors.


    Blue-headed Pionus have good cravings. Offer them a fair eating regimen, and you can incorporate seed combinations, for example, Seed blend, grown sunflower seeds, pellets, berries, new leafy foods vegetables which are particularly high in Vitamin A, as they are inclined to Vitamin-A deficiency. Moreover, you can also talk with your avian veterinarian about the ideal eating routine for your blue-headed Pionus parrot.

    Life Span:

    40 Years

    Breeding Season:

    from February or March to June or July


    Medium to large – 12 inches in length.


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