Blue Fronted Amazon


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Scientific Name:

Amazona Aestiva


Blue-fronted Amazons are additionally called the Turquoise Fronted Parrots and the Blue Fronted Parrot and are perhaps the most well-known Amazon parrots kept in captivity. They are wonderful winged animals with a unique lime green feathering tone and frequently have a fix of blue or turquoise found over their beak. In the wild, they can be found in Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and northern Argentina, stretching out south to Buenos Aires.

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    Shading varieties exist in these wonderful birds, and some have no blue on the head while others have a head that is essentially turquoise. Yellow normally encompasses the blue and stretches over and under the head before giving way to the body’s splendid green feathers. You may even discover these birds with white patches.

    Blue Fronted Amazons are monomorphic species types, so the males’ and females’ birds look alike. The best way to know the sex of your winged animal is through DNA sexing.


    They are very intelligent birds and love to be around their owners and love to receive attention and care. While blue-fronted amazons are good talkers, they are uproarious toward the beginning of the day and are known to show their natural screeches for around 10 minutes prior to getting comfortable. Thus, it is their method of welcoming the day.


    The recommended cage for a happy Blue Fronted Amazon is a 3-foot cube. However, bigger is better, and stainless-steel cages are strongly suggested. 


    They like to eat high-quality pellets, a quality seed mix, and daily servings of fresh, bird-safe fruits and vegetables.



    13-15 inches in length and about 0.6-1.2 pounds in weight


    27 years

    Breeding Season:



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