The Cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus), called the quarrion and the weiro, is a bird that is an individual from the cockatoo family endemic to Australia. They are valued as family pets and friend parrots all through the world and are generally simple to raise. However, like a caged fledgling, cockatiels are second in fame just to the budgerigar.

Cockatiels are valued as household pets and buddy parrots all through the world and are generally simple to raise. As a caged bird, cockatiels are second in prevalence just to the budgerigar. Thus, the Cockatiel is the lone individual from the sort Nymphicus. Moreover, Cockatiels were recently viewed as a peaked parrot or little cockatoo, yet recent investigations have doled out it to its own subfamily, Nymphicinae. Therefore, in this way, it is currently called Cacatuidae (cockatoo family).

Geography: All the beautiful cockatiels are native to Australia and favor the Australian wetlands, scrublands, and bushlands.


Cockatiels love to eat grass. Therefore, in the wild, they scrounge on the ground for grasses and seeds. However, in captivity, you can feed them a commercial cockatiel plus mix, California spray millet, leafy foods that comes accessible. You can feed your bird, apples, celery, kale, romaine lettuce, egg food, and plenty of hemp seed when cold climate or reproducing season.


Cockatiels have little peaks that will be held erect when they are invigorated and energized, smoothed when they are feeling furious, cautious, or submissive, and someplace in the middle of when they are in their ordinary ‘hanging out’ state. They are by and large social and furthermore independent as well.

Cockatiels are amazingly social feathered creatures. They have a requirement for social collaboration. A solitary pet bird will get more connected to its owner. However, in the case that you are not at home, then it is a great idea to have two feathered creatures as a pair. Therefore, the two pet birds of similar sex get along just as well as a mixed pair. Henceforth, these birds are very delicate and friendly by nature.


Cockatiels are moderately simple raisers. When they choose to raise, they breed. They are not critical about nesting boxes. You can personally utilize the English nesting box for simple assessment. Cockatiels are not envious to be check when they have chicks. However, you can peak at their babies with the female not even moving from the nest.

The breeding season for the cockatiels will, in general, happen in springtime in California. We have some pairs that will raise the year around. Notwithstanding these obvious qualities, the vocalization of grown-up bird males is commonly stronger and more intricate than that of females.

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