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Welcome to the world of birds. Over here, you can make your dreams true by becoming an owner of exotic birds of your choice. If you want to gather pet birds, this is a great way to begin.

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Pionus menstruus







There is no doubt in the fact that birds are one of the most easy-going vertebrates because of their impeccable qualities. Being low maintenance, having colorful feathers, lifting songs, and so much more makes the birds the best pet one can have.

If you are a “bird person,” you can always hook us up with your bird stories, pictures of your birds, their routines, and how you catch up with them. We share all this on our website to let the “new bird people” face less difficulty.

Read below to know all that you wish to know about birds.

Which bird can be your best friend as per your disposition? 

Like birds with different natures and qualities, birds also have a variable pricing difference. Some of the most expensive birds that we offer are:

  • Macaws

  • American Goldfinch

  • Flamingo

  • Toucan

  • Black Palm Cockatoo

  • Racing pigeons

The list goes on and on, depending upon the one you’re looking for. The vast category of birds can only fit your needs if you know the type that best suits your personality. Therefore, we suggest you get a bird that can adapt to who you are and vice versa as soon as possible.  

Choose your bird:

  • Canaries

 If you are looking for a singing bird, you can always get a male canary because female canaries don’t sing. The canaries being one of the most popular birds, happen to be available in various colors and assortments. Also, get these if you are a beginner with birds.

  • Budgies

They bond the best with human beings, although they take some time to adjust. Also, they are more prone to life-threatening diseases.

  • Finches

It is fun to watch finches moving their flashy wings in social gatherings.  It is so because they are too confident about themselves and their wings.

  • Cockatiels

They are extremely famous parrots who love being snuggled and petted. Also, they are available in a variety of colors. Many cockatiels can learn to talk, but some are just good at whistling.

  • Cockatoos

These cockatoos love a lot of attention, and they hate being alone. Also, they have quite a loud voice that really does not match their medium-sized bodies.

  • Macaws

Being one of the most expensive species, Macaws are truly exceptional. They are intelligent and have various personality traits.

Getting a bird? Here’s your guide:  

If this is your first time, you really need a bunch of advices to make this process easier, which is why we have a list of all the “bird basics” for you.

  • Feeding:

Feed the bird a healthy and nutritious diet. Offer separate portions of nuts, greens, fruits, vegetables, spaghetti, yogurt, cheese, boiled eggs, and you might also add lean cooked meat. You can adjust the portions as per the bird’s daily requirements.

  • Grooming:

Remember to keep the cage regularly because all animals are very messy, and so are birds. So, keep track of cleaning the cage every once in a week. Also, bathe your pet with normal water to make sure that the pet is clean. Make use of trimmers to trim the feathers, so the bird does not fly around. Moreover, trimming nails frequently helps in keeping the pet neat and clean.

  • Exercise:

Birds must play around and keep themselves active. Also, take precautions to prevent any damage to the pet. Make sure you do not cook on stoves while the bird is open. Also, keep fans off and open the curtains so that the bird does not fit into any of these.

  • Housing:

Pet birds are possibly housed in bird cages. However, they cannot be kept there forever because birds wish to roam around too. It is so because birds being intelligent, require to be let out free. Ensure that the cage is easy to clean and the height and size match with that of the bird. Make sure you offer toys and various perches for the birds. However, keep in mind the bird’s safety because of no bird-like being alone for a long while.


Why Choose Us?

At Birds Gather, our first and foremost priority is to bring our customers the most refined birds in their hale and hearty condition. Also, we ship birds carefully, keeping in view their delicacy.  You can order as many birds as you like without worrying about a minimum order. With that being said, our customer care staff is willing to serve you with high-quality birds at the most affordable rates.

Moreover, we conceive all kinds of health certifications to ensure birds’ safety and security, along with reassurances, to keep our words.

How do you get the birds shipped?

We offer counter to counter services and ship all birds by air. The birds don’t wait to be checked and rechecked. However, from the counter at the departure location to the final counter at the destination is the only process. We do this to ensure the protection and ease of birds.

What kind of birds do you sell?

There are various categories of birds that we sell. Some are written below:

  • Canaries
  • Exotic Birds
  • Lories and Lorikeets
  • Macaws
  • Pionus
  • Caiques

Do you get your birds vaccinated regularly?

Yes! We make sure that the birds are kept safe from all kinds of emerging medical conditions. Henceforth, we vaccinate them regularly.

Why do birds sing?

Birds make tons of sounds, including chirps, rattles, whistles, trills, croaks, drumming, and much more. All these sounds originate from the syrinx, considered the sound-making organ possessed by birds only.

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Thank you for such an amazing macaw bird. Your customer service is beyond belief and so easy to get. Thank you for being there.
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John Doe

I ordered a lorikeet bird; it's healthy and happy. I had a very pleasant experience with Birds Gather. The bird arrived safely, roughly within the expected window of time in good health! I absolutely love my new lorikeet bird.
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Maryann J. Anderson

Instructional materials director
I always wanted to have a caique bird, but I was not able to get it locally. I am so thankful to you for such a healthy caique I am in love with this bird and your fast and safe delivery.
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Richard Z. Hinson

College faculty
I purchased 2 canaries, and they got delivered to me quickly in a few days. The arrival of the birds was so quick that I was nearly terrified on the grounds that I didn't believe that they'd come this early. They stayed peaceful and quiet when on the first day when they came. I didn't worry about it, and I expected that this place is all new to them. Presently, they are talking endlessly and playing with their little toys and being so glad.
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Denise W. Young